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Bathlift Peter Pan Junior - spring-drive mechanism

The Peter Pan Junior, with its weight of 9 kg, can be placed in any bath tub without diffi culty. It is operated with a removable crank handle and moves as light as a feather with the patented spring-assisted mechanism. The Peter Pan Junior can be operated in the bath
tub at any required height.

The drive, hand crank, top and bottom frame, scissor rod and spring mechanism are all rustproof stainless steel and the drive is maintenance-free. The Peter Pan, with its own hygiene seal, is very easy to clean and disinfect and it is resistant to all known medical and cleaning bath additives. The Peter Pan Junior “grows with the user”, which means it can be adjusted for any changes in weight of users during its life. The Peter Pan Junior seat back can be
inserted into one of three different holders for an optimum seating level for the user.

The adjustable headrest can also be adjusted for different situations. The washable rotation and transfer aid makes transfer from the edge of the batch tub to the Peter Pan Junior and back easy. An adjustable lap belt and chest belt are included for safety and support. It can also be used without the seatback. A gentle custom-fi tted abduction unit can optionally be installed on the rotation and transfer aid.

Bathlift Peter Pan Junior PM IV (incl. transfer disc with grips)

Item no.: Max. seat height: under load: Seat height lowered: under load: Lifting range: Sitting area: Back: Weight: Weight limit: Manual operation: Patent no.:  
42230 43 cm 41 cm 9,5 cm 8,5 cm 33 cm 59 x 39 cm removable 9 kg 100 kg with removable handle 10 2006 037 367.7   Request product
Accessories and spare parts:

Bag for bathlift

Item no.:  
PM-7070   Request product

Set of suction feet (4 pieces)

Item no.:  
EZM-4655   Request product


Item no.:  
EZM-4628   Request product

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