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Bathlift PM 48 Junior - battery operated

The PM 48 Junior has been especially designed for the requirements of home care or institutions.
The PM 48 Junior includes a number of outstanding features:

  • Special wing back rest to support the younger user
  • Removable anti-slip block between the legs provides extra safety and can be positioned comfortably to suit size of user
  • Lifting height of 48 cm (optional 58 cm) and removable anti-slip block enables easy transfers from wheel chair to the bathlift seat
  • Optional head support and harness
  • Child-friendly padded covers
  • Optionally adjustable (2 options) and fixed back
  • Waterproof handcontroller is comfortable to hold and easy to use
  • also available with white or blue covers

Bathlift PM 48 Junior

Item no.: Max. seat height: Seat height lowered: Weight limit: Sitting area: Particularities :
6248120-J 48 cm 7 cm 140 kg 39 x 58 cm (incl. side flaps 69 x 58 cm) Battery operated Request product

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