Ceiling Lift PM 100 - battery operated

The overhead lift PM 100 offers many possibilities:

  • Usable as a bathlift and for various transfers in a room as from / to wheelchair to bed, from / to toilet to wheelchair, from / to stair lift to wheelchair and for repositioning
  • Security and mobility for patients in home and stationary care
  • Several functions: re-hang of lifting unit, lifting, lowering, lateral, manual shifting
  • Uncompromising functionality for freedom even in very small rooms
  • Space-saving and easy mounting
  • Low effort for the nurses

The running track system has all the aluminium mounting options for solid ceilings, lightweight blankets, wooden ceilings and adapts to any installation situation. The ceiling rails are located, where they are needed: above the bed, in the bathroom over the toilet or in the garage.

The PM 100 is a lightweight with only 7 kg and is in every place easy to re-hang. The electronics and batteries are in the waterproof handcontroller and can be recharged by an intelligent charging system.

Ceiling Lift PM 100 Standard

Item no.: max. load: Travel: Weight: Operation:  
72100-S/H 150 kg 100 cm 7 kg battery operated   Request product

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