Petermann Evacuation Sheet

The evacuation sheet is used in facilities with patients who are always bedridden. In a rescue situation the Petermann evacuation sheet can very easily and safely be dragged over floors, tiles, carpeting, down stairs and out of the hazardous area by a single person. By holding large belt grips at the top or bottom ends and at the centre of the two sides the mattress is pulled out of the bed and across the floor into a safe zone.


The evacuation sheet is placed under the mattress of the care bed once. Holes punched over the entire surface of the sheet allow uniform ventilation between the mattress and the slatted frame. In a rescue situation two safety belts are simply and quickly placed across the mattress, the buckles are closed and the loose ends of the belts are tightened as firmly as possible. For the recumbent patient this brings the mattress into a safe, protective U-shape. The evacuation sheet is ideal for window rescue.

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Petermannn Evacuation Sheet

Item no. Dimensions Colour Material Additional Information
PM-EVA-7053-H 80 - 100 cm white PVC coated Polyester fabric, perforated, latex free suitable for all bed types, mattresses and bed frames Request product

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