Alpha® Leg Belt

The leg belt helps the transfer of a patient into a wheelchair, onto the toilet, a chair or car seat. The leg belt works well in combination with the sliding board, the turn table, the raising aids or the belt. It makes the transfer much more back-friendly for the caregiver, and easier and less intrusive for the patient.

The leg belt is used when transferring a seated patient from a bed to a wheelchair or for similar low-level transfer situations. The leg belt facilitates the range of movement and significantly increases the safety of the transfer. The leg belt is gently placed around the legs of the seated patient, below knee level, andfastened with the Velcro fastener. The caregiver then gently places her/his own foot between the patients feet. During transfer, the leg belt locks into position according to the patients endurance and allows the caregiver to stabilize the rotation by placing light counter-pressure on the leg belt. The leg belt can be extended by the leg belt extension (500 mm).

Video: How to use the PM-Alpha® Leg belt

Alpha® Leg Belt

Item no.: Dimensions: Material:
PM-3005 1000 x 220 mm PES / Carbon Request product

Alpha® Leg Belt Extension

Item no.: Dimensions: Material: Aid no.:
PM-3007 500 x 220 mm PES / Carbon submitted Request product

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