Alpha® Lifting Mats

With the lifting mat it is possible to move a patient lying in bed towards the top end and onto the side, transfer a patient, e. g. from a bed to a shower stretcher, and lift up a patient who has fallen onto the floor.

A heavy-duty sliding surface is sewn to the bottom of the transfer sheet. The sliding surface significantly decreases the frictional resistance between the patient and the transfer surface. The lateral sections can easily be folded inward together with the handles, and with the patient positioned on his side, the transfer sheet can easily be placed under the patient. The inner section of the transfer sheet can be removed so that the transfer sheet can be washed or disinfected. Using the transfer sheet to have several people lift a supine patient from the floor is safer for the patient and friendlier for the backs of those doing the lifting.

Video: How to use the PM-Alpha® lifting mat

Alpha® Lifting Mat

Item no.: Dimensions: Grips: Material:
PM-4012 1100 x 530 mm 4 Nylon Request product
PM-4016 1500 x 530 mm 6 Nylon Request product

Sample Applications

The lifting mat not only makes it possible to transfer the patient from a patient support to a bed, and for the treatment you can buy drugs in the pharmacy online 24 hours, it also assists careers when lifting the patient off the floor.

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