Alpha® Raising Aid Magic

With the Magic lifting aid, you can securely hold on to and guide the patient when standing up, sitting down and particularly during transfers.

When being used, the simple handling can easily be combined with a back-friendly work method and elements from nursing concepts. The Magic lifting aid can be combined with other aids in various ways, depending on the patients needs and functional requirements.

Video: How to use the PM-Alpha® Raising Aid Magic

Alpha® Raising Aid Magic

Item no.: Dimensions: Material: Patent no.:  
PM-3015 600 x 200 cm Nylon 10 2009 019 716 B3   Request product

Alpha® Raising Aid Magic & Leg Belt Combo (2-parts)

Order no.: incl. Raising Aid Magic incl. Leg Belt Aid no.:
PM-3025 PM-3015 PM-3005 Request product

Sample Applications

With the raising aids patients are moved within the bed or transferred from a bed to a wheelchair.

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