Alpha® Raising Aid Pegasus 3-parts

The Raising Aid Pegasus is always available to assist a person in need to transfer from a supine position to a comfortable seated position alone or with assistance.

It is very small, safe, compact and lightweight to handle. The Raising Aid is ready for immediate use, to support a person after a fall to help transfer them from a supine position into a comfortable sitting position, either by themselves or with familiar help. At home or as an ideal aid for inpatient or outpatient utilization,  Raising Aid Pegasus is always ready to provide support and help.

Video: Alpha® Raising Aid Pegasus

Alpha® Raising Aid Pegasus set

Item no consisting of Material Handling Dimensions Weight incl. Raising Aid Dimensions incl. Blue Motion Slide Dimensions
Raising Aid Pegasus PM-4225 Raising Aid Pegasus PM-4222 Stainless Steel With a mobile handle Standing 360 x 640 mm, Height min. 70 mm, max. 420 mm 9,5 kg Raising Aid Quick PM-6080 1450 x 110 mm Blue Motion Slide BM-0652 600 x 520 mm Request product

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