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Alpha® Sliding Mat Wheelchair

With the sliding mat WC the user is able to move back in a wheelchair or normal chair on their own or with help from a second person.

The sliding mat WC prevents the user from slipping forward and thus stabilizes the sitting position. When folded in half, they assist the caregiver with pulling the patient into a sitting position with the loops.

Video: How you can use the PM-Alpha® Sliding Mat RS

Alpha® Sliding Mat Wheelchair 500 x 450 mm

Item no.: Dimensions: Material: Aid no.:
PM-2070 500 x 450 mm Cotton / natural ticking Request product

Alpha® Sliding Mat Wheelchair 1300 x 450 mm with loops

Item no.: Dimensions: Material
PM-2076 1300 x 450 mm Cotton Request product

Alpha® Sliding Mat Wheelchair

Item no.: Dimensions: Material
PM-2078 1350 x 430 mm Cotton Request product

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