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OnlyU® PEM Dipsosable Sliding Foil

The PEM Disposable Sliding Foil is a tubular sheet which is skin-compatible, tear-resistant, latex free, biocompatible and food-safe. The special composition of the material enhances the high level of slip in daily care.

This handling aid is used in clinics and hospitals for all the various patient Position changes and transfers.

The disposability of the PEM Disposable Sliding Foil means a rapid and particularly hygienic transfer for caregivers so it can be seamlessly integrated into the material administration logistics of a facility. Back-friendly and energy-saving for carers, simple and comfortable for patients - with the PEM Disposable Sliding Foil you reduce friction when you move and/or reposition recumbent or sitting patients. For the most part the sheet reduces the potential hazards when moving patients, as required by health and safety legislation, load-handling regulations and employers liability accident prevention regulations.

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PEM Disposable Sliding Foil

Item no.: Dimensions: Material
PM-060.60-100 600 mm x 100 m LDPE Request product
PM-060.70-100 700 mm x 100 m LDPE Request product

PEM-Disposable Sliding Foil incl. dispenser box and foil cutter

Item no.: Dimensions: Material
PM-060.65-100 600 mm x 100 m LDPE Request product
PM-060.75-100 700 mm x 100 m LPDE Request product

Dispenser for OnlyU Sliding Foil with table feet and wall mounting

Item no.: Dimensions: Particularities :
PM-060.10 up to 600 mm foil width incl. Wall rack and table feet Request product
PM-060.30 up to 700 mm foil width incl. Wall rack and table feet Request product

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