Alpha® Turn Sheet with hidden handles

The turn sheet is used with patients who are particularly sensitive to pain and with heavy patients or ones requiring special care. The turn sheet is made of cotton/natural ticking and can remain in the bed.

Moving and laterally repositioning patients is made much easier. Rolling up the turn sheet against the patient‘s body in a lateral position and then fixing it in place with a bed sheet provides simple and gentle lateral position support. A slip-resistant safety strip is sewn onto both sides of the sliding surface to prevent slipping off.
The turn sheet has three strong straps with clips at the top. These can be used to fasten it to the slatted frame at the top of the bed in order to prevent a patient seated in bed from slipping down, for example.

Video: How to use the PM-Alpha® Turn sheet with hidden handles

Alpha® Turnsheet with hidden handles incl. Fitted Sheet, Non-Slip Mat and Bed Wedges.

Item no.: Dimensions Turnsheet: incl. Fitted Sheet: Dimensions Fitted Sheet: Material: incl. Non-Slip Mat and Bed Wedges
PM-1695 190 x 90 cm PM-1584 200 x 90 cm Cotton / Naturdrell PM-7010 ; PM-8010 Request product

Alpha® Turn Sheet with hidden handles

incl. Non-Slip Mat Item no.: Dimensions turn sheet: Material:
PM-2098 PM-2098 190 x 90 cm Cotton / natural ticking Request product

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